Renault Group and Phoenix Mobility launch the electric retrofit of commercial vehicles at the Re-Factory in Flins

Renault Group and Phoenix Mobility, a Grenoble-based company specialising in the conversion of commercial vehicles to electric power, have signed a letter of intent to form a strategic partnership for the development and commercial operation of a retrofit kit, the first of its kind in the French LCV market. This innovative solution enables a combustion engine commercial vehicle that is more than 5 years old to be converted to electric power.

  • A strategic partnership to co-develop and commercially exploit a retrofit kit to convert combustion-powered light commercial vehicles into electric vehicles.

  • A co-development based on Renault Group’s expertise in the field of electric vehicles and its industrial know-how at the Re-Factory in Flins, as well as on the experience of Phoenix Mobility, a French pioneer in the retrofit of commercial vehicles.

  • A first association between a generalist car manufacturer and a promising start-up to launch a new commercial offer on the retrofit market.