Shifting your fleet to EVs

We recently mentioned the french Company Travel Plan (Plan Déplacement Entreprise), a measure already implemented by 250+ companies in France. As a reminder, this plan calls for working-time arrangements and the use of more eco-friendly modes of transport than the individual car. However, it is not always possible to limit travel (e.g. for salespeople, journalists, site workers, etc.), or, it is geographically complicated to encourage employees to take public transport or cycle without affecting their productivity (particularly related to travel fatigue).


In this article, we want to highlight the coherence for companies to develop an electric fleet in order to go beyond the simple framework of the Company Travel Plan.


What is the french "Plan de Déplacements Entreprise" ?

The french “Plan de Déplacements Entreprise” (i.e Company Travel Plan) has been deployed within the framework of the “Loi sur la Transition Énergétique pour la Croissance Verte” (i.e the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act)

Introduced in 2018, the aim is to promote clean mobility within and at the initiative of french companies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions


In practical terms, it means offering alternatives to polluting means of transport to all stakeholders of the company, including suppliers, customers and visitors (although it is clear that the first level of intervention of this plan is its own employees).


What is meant by alternative transportation methods ?

35% of France’s CO2 emissions can be attributed to the transport sector, and a significant portion of these emissions are caused by daily home/work commute. By promoting greener means of transport such as cycling, walking, carpooling or driving an electric or hybrid vehicle, companies offer a real alternative to individual thermal vehicles. 



However, it is sometimes logistically complicated to replace individual cars, especially in areas where public transport is saturated or non-existent, or if employees reside far from their workplace. This is why the electric car now represents a major asset for companies concerned with reducing their environmental impact, because it offers great comfort to employees and allows them to keep the same organization.

What are the advantages of integrating the electric car into your fleet?

In order to be successful, your travel policy must incorporate two important parameters: route optimization and the personal needs of your employees.

Route optimization

The objective is to reduce transport costs within the Corporate Travel Plan without affecting productivity. In other words, it is nice to save money, but it must not constrain employees by affecting their comfort, and making them less productive.

If the car is an irreplaceable element for your employee’s travels, acquiring or converting your thermal vehicles into electric vehicles is a viable solution. Converting all or part of your fleet to electric through the retrofit process will allow you to reduce your maintenance costs as well as your fuel consumption. If you are operating in France, you will also be exempt from taxes on your company vehicles (Taxe sur les Véhicules des Sociétés). 


It should also be noted that the LOM (Loi d’Orientation des Mobilités) requires that from 2022, 10% of fleet renewals should be electric. 

Integrating the personal needs of your employees

Today, service vehicles are used for both business and personal travel. These cars must therefore be compatible with your employee’s daily needs. Their increased interest in preserving the environment now motivates them to join a common CSR project with their employer. 


Corporate CSR policies represent a first lever of societal commitment within which the electric car fits perfectly. A plan which incorporates electric mobility will federate employees, engage them and boost their personal fulfillment linked to their desire to protect the planet.

Why is retrofit the ideal solution for your fleet ?

Choosing retrofit for your fleet offers many advantages : 

1- Save money

Reduce your fuel consumption and maintenance costs, resulting in substantial savings. 

If you have already invested in car decals or lettering, choosing retrofit for your fleet renewal will allow you to keep your car looking exactly the same without having to invest into new branding material. 

2. Help protect our planet

Converting your thermal vehicles to electric via retrofit will allow you to reduce your CO2 emissions to none ! 


3- Drive everywhere in a safe and reliable electric vehicle 

Our vehicles are certified by the competent French authorities, which will allow you to drive across the E.U legally and safely. 


4- Federate your employees around a meaningful project 

Involve your employees in your CSR projects, and achieve great things for the planet as a team !  

Phoenix Mobility makes your fleet cleaner and cost-efficient

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