Our technology

Our expertise

Since 2018, TOLV has been developing EV conversion kits, which allow the conversion of internal combustion vehicles – petrol or diesel – into 100% electric vehicles. Behind each TOLV kit is a long R&D effort carried out by our engineers, who design and adapt the parts to each vehicle model. 



We have made safety, quality, and performance a top priority by covering the entire value chain ourselves (from kit design to production, right through to installation on the vehicle in our workshop or partner garages). By investing in high quality components that comply with current standards, we are able to offer a functional and durable retrofit to our customers. 

Installing our products

Drop your vehicle off at our workshop or at one of our partner garages.

We take care of the homologation process and will assist you with any administrative procedures (depending on your country of residence). 

We will deliver a fully functional vehicle, batteries guaranteed for 6 years and a kit guaranteed for 2 years. 

If necessary, our after-sales service is available to assist you from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 10pm. 

Are you looking for help with the installation of an EV charging station?

We can provide a detailed quotation for any additional equipment or services associated with your vehicle

Vehicle specifications

Once converted by TOLV, your vehicle becomes : 


  • An autonomy adapted to your activity (100 to 250km real)
  • Great driving sensation 
  • Touchscreen navigation
  • Fast charging (on request)


  • Our products undergo a certification process with the competent French authorities
  • Retrofitted vehicles are insured in the same way as brand new electric vehicles


  • Great longevity thanks to high quality components
  • 6 year battery warranty
  • A kit guaranteed for 2 years and transferable to another vehicle