TOLV obtains the first approval for
mass-market LCV retrofitting solutions

We recently obtained our first official certification for the conversion of Renault Trafic vehicles produced between 2000 and 2006 (generation 2 phase 1). Formerly known as Phoenix Mobility, we have now become the first French player to obtain the UTAC and CNRV approval for a light commercial vehicle (LCV) retrofitting solution. 

Founded in 2019, TOLV (formerly Phoenix Mobility) is the pioneer in retrofitting for professionals and local authorities. Retrofitting is an innovative solution that enables the conversion of an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle into an electric one. This process benefits from a legal framework in France since March 2020, making mass production possible without need for the original manufacturer’s approval. 

Our company currently handles light commercial vehicles, vans and special vehicles for small and medium-sized businesses, large groups and local authorities in France. The possibility of converting buses and trucks is also under study after being requested by several potential customers.  

" This approval is obviously excellent news for our company, but above all it will enable us to start delivering vehicles to our customers. The latter, for the most part located in Low Emission Zones (LEZs), are eagerly awaiting accessible alternatives to switch their fleet to a new energy source. We can now market the Renault Trafic 2 phase 1, and are offering the Trafic 2 phase 2 (2006-2014) on order with the first deliveries in November. Our partnership with Renault for a kit adapted to the Renault Master will also enable us to convert this model by the end of 2023. "
Antoine Desferet
Chief Revenue Officer at TOLV

Our Renault Trafic 2 phase 1 offers a 34 kWh battery, a range of 159km (123 kilometers under WLTP cycle) and reaches a maximum speed of 109.5 km/h. 


With this approval, we demonstrate the reliability of its solutions, which meet the same quality and safety requirements as those of the original manufacturers. 

" Since April 2020, UTAC has been designated by the French Authorities to evaluate the conformity of the transformation offered by a manufacturer in relation to the specifications defined by the legislation. This validation is a prerequisite for the authorization to put the transformed vehicle on the road. Our experts have accompanied TOLV in all the phases of their vehicle’s certification. UTAC is particularly committed to e-mobility with diversified solutions and offers. Retrofitting is an important solution for the electrification of fleets, especially for commercial vehicles "
Laurent Benoit
Executive Chairman at UTAC

We are now entering an industrial ramp-up phase that will enable it to convert 100 Renault Trafic vehicles in 2023 and nearly a thousand in 2024. This increase in production capacity is aimed at making retrofitting a leading industry in France (up to 6,500 jobs will be created in the sector, according to a study by the The French Agency for Ecological Transition).

As part of a circular economy approach, we offer a reliable solution on a practical, economic and ecological level. An approach notably supported by local authorities engaged in French Low Emission Zones as Grenoble, where subsidies can reach 12.000 euros in addition to national subsidies. 



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